Watch those tree limbs.

Better watch those tree limbs.

Trees are a beautiful sight to behold on any property.

When trees are close to a house with their limbs touching the house then problems and destruction will soon follow. Watch those tree Limbs grow over the roof causing major problems. A sign should then be placed by the tree that says “Caution roof damage in progress”

# 1-  Tree Limbs will blow in the wind 27-7 chaffing the roof scrubbing and erododing the roof, leaks will soon follow. Please by all means watch those limbs.

#2- those tree limbs over the roof will become a superhighway for bugs and nuisance animals these pests will borough holes, build nests, promote bacteria and leave unhealthy feces and destruction. To make it clear watch those limbs.

# 3 tree limbs over a roof promote mold, infestation, and rot. The limbs shade the roof preventing these areas from drying this leaves the roof wet and damp perfect breeding ground for destructive infestations to thrive. Moreover, watch those limbs

Let’s face it your roof is the last thing that we think about. These timely tips will help your roof last longer saving you money. Save money watch those limbs.

People ask all the time, “Should I clean my  roof?” Most people ask that question because there is infestation growing on their roofs.  A roof will not decay on its own. However, It takes moisture and environmental infestations such as moss, mold, mildew, lichen, and fungi. A roof must be maintained.

Unfortunately, we put off Maintaining our roof. Let’s face it, it’s out of sight to a degree until we start seeing infestation growing on the roof.  Procrastination will eat your roof. Watch those tree limbs.


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