To clean or not to clean your cedar roof.

People ask all the time, “Should I clean my cedar roof?” Most people ask that question because there is infestation growing on their cedar roof. Cedar will not decay on its own. However, It takes moisture and environmental infestations such as, moss, mold, mildew, lichen and fungi. Cedar shakes are just like your teeth, which are also organic, and must be maintained.

Unfortunately, we put off Maintaing our cedar roof. Lets face it, it’s out of sight to a degree until we start seeing infestation growing on the roof.  Procrastination will eat your roof.

There’s hope ! The Hometown cedar  process can reverse damages in the wake of the infestations but

These infestations will eventually erode your cedar roof leaving no hope of a cleaning/restoration.

We are certified for the process and solution how to Professionally maintain your cedar roof.


Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning-Hometown Roof Cleaning. We are pround to be certified by the Sullivan Roof Cleaning Process. We are a world wide network.

Cedar roof maintenance

Above all cedar shakes must be maintained to reach their potential lifespan, for instance a cedar roof can last anywhere from 40 to 60 years, depending on grade of the shake and proper installation?

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