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Professional Roof Measurements


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Roof Cleaning 

Our professional service provides the cleaning and maintenance of:

Slate, Cedar, AsphaltMetal and Tile Roofs. 

 Home owners are replacing their roofs prematurely at an alarming rate, while in most cases a simple cleaning will increase the life of your roof. 

What’s eating your roof? The culprits are: View more



Deck Cleaning and Staining 

Wood, Composite Deck Cleaning and restoration Services – Hometown Roof Cleaning: 

Most homeowners are dealing with a weathered looking deck. What’s eating your deck? The adversaries are: Mildew, moss, mold, lichen and fungi. Homeowners, after labor intensive pressure washing, see the infestations return. Thet are looking for a better process.

Good news! We offer the alternative to pressure washing! With our non-pressure non damaging cleaning process, we not only remove these infestations but eradicate them for a much longer service life.View more

Siding cleaning 

House Washing and Siding Cleaning-Hometown Roof Cleaning 

 Siding develops an unsightly weathered look. What’s growing on your siding? It’s mildew, moss, mold, lichen and fungi.. Maybe you have already cleaned your siding with a pressure washer before long the infestations return? Siding cleaning can make your home or commercial property look like new again. View more


We Provide A Tremendous Scope of Roof Cleaning Services

We offer the cleaning and maintenance of  CedarSlate/Tile and Metal

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Cedar Roof Cleaning

We specialize in the maintenance of cedar roofs. We are certified by the Sullivan Roof Cleaning cleaning process and cleaning solution. View more

Slate & Tile Roof Cleaning

Homeowners are unaware what is growing/staining thier Slate & Tile roof. What is it you ask? they are algae, mildew, lichen and mold.  with our non-pressure roof cleaning process. we can remove all these infestations. ViewMore 


Metal Roof Cleaning 

Metal Roof Cleaning Service offered by: Hometown Roof Cleaning 

Hometownroofcleaning utilizes our non-pressure cleaning process where we don’t walk on your roof nor do we use a pressure washer.   View more

Asphalt Roof Cleaning 

Most homeowners are wondering what’s growing on their composite/asphalt roof and what are those black roof stains. Residential and commercial property owners are asking themselves “Do I need a new roof?” 

The truth is, all you need is an asphalt roof cleaning.  View more


“I have been around the team for several years and have recommended them to my clients. They are dependable and do quality work. William Morris runs his company the old fashioned way, with honesty and integrity. I personally know Mr. Morris, he is an excellent family man, and a man of great character, a rarity found in people today.”

Jeff E


“William does great work! Everything looks fresh and clean now. I would recommend the soft touch service to any of my friends and neighbors and definitely have William help me freshen up my house again!”

Molly S


“We had just moved into a house that was in need of a good cleaning from top to bottom. He came and did the soft touch wash on the house and everything looks fresh and clean now. I wasn’t sure what to expect out of the soft touch system since it is different from a standard pressure wash, but it looked great and was much easier on the roof shingles and concrete. I would recommend the soft touch service to any of my friends and neighbors.”

Michelle A


“Several members of our church have used Bill’s cleaning service and none have a fault with his work. Bill will tell you up front his job is not complete until you the customer is completely satisfied.”

Fred T

Tom B

“The above-referenced firm and person has provided my business with cleaning services over a period of time sufficient to warrant my recommendation to other commercial enterprises that Mr. Morris and his firm provides exceptional cleaning services (windows, exterior and roof cleaning, debris removal and various other cleaning and janitorial services) at reasonable and responsible prices

Tom B

Martin W.

“It has been a pleasure doing business with William Morris over the past couple of years. He has done several tasks for me, including property clearance, foliage trimming, and general assistance in property maintenance.

In every task, William has been prompt,  honest, dependable and trustworthy. He stands head and shoulders above most of the workers I have engaged here in northeast Florida.

I recommend Mr. Morris highly and without reservation for any appropriate task.”

Martin W

Property Manager Assistant

“I have been working with Mr. Morris for the past few months and have been very impressed with his workmanship and professionalism. He is very easy to communicate with and does more than what is expected of him. I highly recommend his services if you are in need of a pressure washer.”

Property Manager


Florence S.

I was looking to have our Cedar Roof cleaned and treated. I interviewed several companies and chose William Morris for an eco-friendly garden and pet safe treatment. First, William Morris was almost 3 times cheaper than some companies around here. I convinced five of my neighbors to have theirs done too, so William gave us a great discount. William and his wife Emily were very responsive, returned phone calls, responded promptly to e-mails and started on time. I worked from home to watch the whole process and was amazed, I saw William climb on my neighbor’s roof and wash all the mildew, moss, mold and lichen away. William explained the process, was courteous, trustworthy and incredibly responsive. He promised to come back this spring to fix it. â??We will definitely use this company again for our deck and siding cleaning and would recommend them  Reston,VA


john m

John M.

My roof looks great and Mr. Morris was not only professional and efficient but he was so helpful in many other ways. He was a pleasure to work with – a friendly, affable guy with a great work ethic. Would certainly recommend him.

john m

martin wander

Martin Wander reviewed Hometown Roof Cleaning — 5 star

William has completed several projects around my home. He is unfailingly dependable and honest. He’s always done very good work.

Martin Wander

micheal brody

Great service. William spent a full day making sure everything was clean, applied a solution to kill the moss growing on the roof and made sure I was in the know about everything he had done. Will use again!

Michael Brody

marilee gregory

William made my mother’s 23 year old roof look brand new! What a beautiful job along with being timely and courteous. He gave her piece of mind knowing that her roof will last for more generations to come. Thank you for putting her at ease and for holding to your quote! Don’t wait as long as she did folks…call him now!

Marilee Gregory

tripp ramsey

Tripp Ramsey reviewed Hometown Roof Cleaning — 5 star

William just finished cleaning my cedar shake roof in Bowling Green, KY is looks AWESOME!! Friendly, on time and reasonably priced. I HIGHLY recommend using Hometown Roof Cleaning for any type of roof cleaning.

Tripp Ramsey reviewed Hometown Roof Cleaning — 5 star