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Soft & gentle Cedar Shake Roof & Siding Cleaning Service for Linville, NC Properties 

Hands down cedar and slate roofs in Linville, NC area are the most stunning, eye catching and pleasant roofs. Linville is renowned for its historical sites, unbelievable scenery, awesome climate, and local eatery. With appropriate cleaning and maintenance cedar and slate roofs, can easily outlast any other type of roofing with fulfillment, artistry, and the grit to withstand the harsh elements. A well-maintained cedar roof can easily last for 30 years or more. 

Hometown Roof Cleaning is a world class cedar shake and slate roof cleaning company in Linville, NC. We are administering the paramount standards for cedar shake and slate roof maintenance with the most reasonable pricing. Our cedar and slate roof cleaning solutions and processes are the most précised prescribed in the industry Our people never employ the use of a pressure washer or the use of chemically rigorous results to clean your stunning slate and cedar shake roofs. Our people will not step on your cedar or slate roofing, safeguarding its security and staying power. All the service work will be administered from a sturdy ladder.  

Rescue Your Cedar Roof with appropriate Maintenance Performed By the cleaning authority 

Whether your slate or cedar shake roof has dark, ugly streaks or masses of moss and algae promoting destruction over time; get it cleaned with the cleaning authority for slate and cedar roof cleaning renew it make your roof look brand new again. We administer our cleaning with the use a low-pressure slate and cedar shake roof cleaning process with the addition of environment-friendly liquids that send those damaging roof matter packing away from your cedar roof without damaging any of your roofing material. The solution we use is eco-friendly, safe for your landscaping and love one’s. Avoid calling just any roof cleaning service provider to restore your cedar roofs as it may do worse than good. Hire the Hometown team we are certified by the Sullivan Roof Cleaning process and solution we are insured and have over 5 years of successful experienced cedar roof restorations  

Why chose the Hometown Team to preserve your roof 

Our process to maintain your roof starts with proper treatment for the roofing type followed by a thorough cleaning process and delivering you a beautiful slate or cedar roof that will last longer. What makes our service extraordinary that stands head and shoulders above the rest;  

  • Devoted and trained pros to serve 
  • Restore and maintain the roof’s natural beauty 
  • Components that prevents the further growth of moss and algae 
  • Time saving and economical service  
  • No use of a high-pressure washer or course chemical use 
  • Free estimates for your property 

Choose Hometown get the best cedar roof cleaning in Linville, NC, then look no further. Dial 828-342-5432 now to undergo the best cedar roof maintenance and restoration services reviewed best by hundreds of happy customers. 

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