Our Process

OUR PROCESS: #1 We Use a Non-Pressure Cleaning Process 

In deed our non-pressure process will not damage your roof shingles or siding since we are able to do everything with house hose pressure from the security of a ladder. We will not walk on your roof, and we will not use a pressure washer. 

#2 We use a specially formulated, non-toxic Cleaning solution. 

While most roof cleaning services utilize a caustic solution, without a doubt our proprietary cleaning solution is citra-shield, contains algaecide, mildewcide and fungicide and is specially formulated to be gentle on your commercial of residential property and your love one’s.

Over all this is the Cedar & Slate Proprietary MIX 

1.) It is nontoxic and non-caustic.
2.) It is citrus based. Think of Lemon.
3.) It has an algaecide, mildewcide, and fungicide to help preserve the shakes.
4.) It has a bio surfactant or soap to help the solution cling to the shakes.
5.) It has a steam process oil to help rehydrate the shakes to preserve them. 

 Above all our target for every cedar And slate cleaning job is to leave your property looking better than when we arrived! When washed accordingly, without a doubt our cedar cleaning can add 5-10 years of life back into your roof, prolonging the expensive replacement costs! In conclusion If you have any questions about our cedar roof cleaning or cedar siding cleaning process please give us a call today. 

Use the contact form to receive your free cleaning estimate. Feel free to call/text or email William 

Phone number: 828-342-5432.  Email: william@hometownroofcleaning.biz. 

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