Shout out to cedar and slate roof owners 

Is it necessary to clean them ?  

 Why Should You Do This 

  • Restore and maintain roof’s natural beauty
  • ​Eradicate damaging and ugly infestations
  •  Avoid costly premature roof replacement

What If You Don’t Do this

Without a doubt Maintenance is necessary for your roof. To neglect cleaning your roof means premature replacement. Half-life replacement is something roofing companies love! It is easy business for them, but it costs you, the roof owner, thousands upon thousands more than simply calling someone to have your roof regularly cleaned. Contact us today 828-342-5432

Whats growing on my slate or cedar roof ?

Ugly stains caused by algae growth, lichen, and moss take away your home’s curb appeal. Using our soft wash roof cleaning technique will remove years of infestation growth from your roof. You will see same day results with our non-pressure cleaning process. Maintaining your roof’s natural beauty is an important step in increasing the life of your roof. 

Roof maintenance can be compared to cleaning your teeth or changing the oil in a car. Through regular cleaning and maintenance, they will last longer and have less damage. The bottom line is that we are talking about less than 10% of the replacement cost to have your entire roof cleaned. Having that done once every five to seven years will be the difference between having a roof replaced prematurely and having a roof that most likely outlives you or I. 

Cedar roof

Slate Roof

Why clean your slate roof ?

Maintaining your slate roof’s beauty is a process that can be achieved with our professional roof cleaning service. Contact us today Hometown Roof Cleaning offers a safe and effective non pressure soft wash slate roof cleaning method that will remove algae, moss, and lichen. Not sure whats growing on your roof Contact us today.

Moreover There is no need to replace your slate roof simply because of unsightly stains, algae or moss that have accumulated over time. Without reservation Our softwash roof cleaning is only a fraction of the cost of replacing your slate roof.

Whats growing on my slate roof: 

Ugly stains caused by algae growth, lichen, and moss will not only take away from your home’s curb appeal, Futhermore it may also cause damage to your roof’s integrity by causing delamination of the slates or lifting of the slates, which can lead to wood deterioration of the wood beneath the slate roof. 

Extreme care must be taken when working with slate. Even though it is a type of stone, slate can very easily be damaged. We recommend you contact us leave it to professionals who are experienced in restoring natural slate roofs. 

What are those rust color stains ? The answer is: Pyrite Staining 

If your slate roof has a reddish or rusty stained appearance, it is likely caused by an oxidizing metallic mineral, such as pyrite, pyrrhotite, or marcasite. These are naturally occurring stains that emanate from the slate itself and cause oxidation. Additionally Using specialized cleaning products and processes, we can completely remove or significantly reduce the appearance of these rust-like stains- leaving your roof beautifully clean and restoring the natural color of each natural stone. This restores the natural color variation of your slate roof. Contact us today 828-342-5432

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