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Roof Cleaning 

In summary Our services provides: the cleaning and maintenance of CedarAsphaltMetal and Tile Roofs. 

 Home owners are replacing their roofs prematurely at an alarming rate, while in most cases a simple cleaning will increase the life of your roof. 

What’s eating your roof. The culprits are: algae, those black stains; moss, mold, mildew, lichen, and fungus. Because of this your roof will hold moisture and now the start of premature deterioration process. 

Buy now you are probably wondering what does all this cost.  For Less Than 10% of the Replacement Cost, You Can Have It Cleaned. 

Hometown Roof Cleaning utilizes our non-pressure cleaning process; no worries we do not climb on the roof or employ the use of a pressure washer to clean your roof. Our non-pressure cleaning process will thoroughly and harmlessly eradicate the organic material from your roof. We are proud to announce Our process is eco-friendly, contains no harsh chemicals, and will not harm you, your family, pets, or your landscaping. 

The non-pressure process will not damage your roof shingles since we do everything with garden hose pressure from the safety of a ladder. 

Siding cleaning 

 More than care to admit have siding that has that unsightly weathered look. What growing on your siding? it’s mildew, moss, mold, lichen and fungi. Maybe you have already cleaned your siding with a pressure washer before long the infestations return? Siding cleaning can make your home or commercial property look like new again. 

There is a greater choice to pressure washing! With our non-pressure cleaning process, we 

remove these infestations and eradicate them offering a much longer service life. Hometown roof Cleaning’s proprietary solution is eco-friendly and safe for family, pets and landscaping! 

We assure customer satisfaction by cleaning from the top edge exterior of your gutters, & fascia completely to ground level.


Deck Cleaning and Staining 

Most homeowners are dealing with a weathered looking deck. What’s eating your deck? The adversaries are: Mildew, moss, mold, lichen and fungi. Homeowners after labor intensive pressure washing see the infestations return? Buy now you understand you need our deck cleaning services. 

Good news we offer the alternative to pressure washing! With our non-pressure non damaging cleaning process, we not only remove these infestations but eradicate them for a much longer service life. 

We administer our specially advanced, eco-friendly safe Citra shield solution, which is harmless towards family, pets and landscaping, but very impressive at rooting out bacteria and mold. Our solution will eradicate all of the bacteria and your deck is going to last a lot longer. 

We assure to clean all deck, railings, steps and baseboards. 

For your free cleaning estimate, please submit your request within the “Contact Us Form” to your right. Please include your address & service type. We will email you a written estimate. 

You also have the option to Call: 828-342-5432 

Please click⇒ here to learn about  our people that will serve youre cedar and slate roof cleaning needs.

Our services Covers a wide area for cedar roof cleaning in short here are a few areas we service: Birmingham AL, Mt Brook AL, Columbia SC, Lake Forest IL




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