Mildew, moss, mold, lichen and fungi

What’s Growing on my commercial or residential property the miniature organisms that are presently growing on your roof and wall of your house are moss, algae, lichen, or mildew or mold. These infestations will then create greenish blemishes on your homes siding. 

This infestation is noticeable different in appearance. 

Only mosses are plants. Like other plants, they use photosynthesis to turn the sunlight and water into the food that all plants need. Algae, once studied as plants, are now in a class of their own, but as you guessed it, they depend on photosynthesis. As well as do lichens, which join forces together as organisms that have algae or bacteria living within a system made of fungus that is dependent on the food the algae or bacteria make through photosynthesis. Mildew is a stand- alone fungi, also an autonomous kingdom from a conservationist viewpoint. They get their food by feeding on organic material where they live. They don’t use photosynthesis; these don’t need sunlight. 


If you look up Close, it’s commonly viable to tell the difference between the two. Mosses and lichens, you can touch them with your hand across the surface. Mosses usually don’t have roots, albeit they do have root-like growths that keep them in place. Lichens are far more relentless. In addition to mosses have little leaves. Lichens do not, although they can have a mess of growth that looks like stems or leaves. You can look at the color. Mosses are generally green, not always some are brown, yellow or black. Lichens are found to be green or light green when wet because green algae show through the fungi makeup. When you see lichen, dry it has varying spectrum of amazing colors. 

If to the touch there is no texture, then its algae or mildew. It’s harder to distinguish between these. A green color and Some algae are red, and albeit mildew is generally black, can be green, yellow or brown. algae rely on photosynthesis, you will these growths on areas exposed to the sun on your house. Mildew flourish in the dark. indoor areas give shelter to mildew than algae. 

These four usual suspects that are presently: pestering, destroying and eroding the value of your commercial or residential property are in the laser sights of Hometown Roof Cleaning. Please remember these predators  thrive on damp, because they all need moisture to stay alive.  

Hometown Roof Cleaning utilizes our non-pressure cleaning process; no worries we do not climb on the roof or employ the use of a pressure washer to clean your roof or exterior siding. Our non-pressure cleaning process will thoroughly and harmlessly eradicate the organic material from your roof and siding. We are proud to announce Our process is eco-friendly, contains no harsh chemicals, and will not harm you, your family, pets, or your landscaping. 

If Need Your siding or roof cleaned? Please Contact Wiliam at Hometown Roof Cleaning for a Free no obligation/no pressure Estimate: 828-342-5432 or use the form on this page. Talk to William call or email today. 




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