Deck Cleaning And Staining

Deck Cleaning and Staining 



Wood, Composite Deck Cleaning and restoration Services – Hometown Roof Cleaning: 

Most homeowners are dealing with a weathered looking deck. What’s eating your deck? The adversaries are: Mildew, moss, mold, lichen and fungi. Homeowners after labor intensive pressure washing see the infestations return? Buy now you understand you need our deck cleaning services. 

Good news we offer the alternative to pressure washing! With our non-pressure non damaging cleaning process, we not only remove these infestations but eradicate them for a much longer service life. 

We administer our specially advanced, eco-friendly safe Citra shield solution, which is harmless towards family, pets and landscaping, but very impressive at rooting out bacteria and mold. Our solution will eradicate all of the bacteria and your deck is going to last a lot longer. 

We assure to clean all deck, railings, steps and baseboards. 

Hometown roof Cleaning Services will professionally clean your deck, roof and siding in Columbia Sc, Florence SC, Charleston SC, Augusta GA, Augusta GA, Savannah GA and surrounding areas. 

For your free cleaning estimate, please submit your request within the “Contact Us Form” to your right. Please include your address & service type. We will email you a written estimate. 

You also have the option to Call: 828-342-5432 

We are trained to Clean wood Deck utilizing the Bruce Sulivan Deck Cleaning process.

Hometown also cleans: cedar and slate roofs we service: Vernon Hills IL, Lake Forest IL, Lincolnshire IL,

Long Grove IL, Libertyville IL,  Birmingham AL, Vero Beach Fl, Columbia SC, Birmingham Al, Augusta GA, Savannah GA,

Our People Provide world-class service removing Mildew, moss, mold, lichen and fungi.

These services Help the Resale value of your home beyond measure check this out click⇒here

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