Metal Roof Cleaning

Metal Roof Cleaning Service offered by: Hometown Roof Cleaning 

Hometown roof cleaning utilizes our non-pressure cleaning process where we don’t walk on your roof nor do we use a pressure washer. 

We use a non-harmful and non-abrasive cleaning solution that will remove all the algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen and fungi from your metal roof and will not cause and harm to your metal roof. 

Our metal roof cleaning system is safe for your home, landscaping, family and pets. 

Oxidization is problematic for all metal roofs and there are solutions for preserving the roof.  This commonly demands a deep cleaning and painting or coating of the panels. Depending on the quality of the products used to restore it, this may have to be done every -3-5 year for aged metal roofs. 

Keeping your roof clean and clear from debris is one of the paramount steps in the metal roof preservation. All roof structures are constructed to shed water, when it loses this means, humidity then opens the area to an organic Petri dish. There are many systems of infestations that bloom in humid environments. These infestations promote the development of rust. The tyrants that afflict all surfaces they work in concert destroying everything in its path they are: Algae, moss and lichens. 

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